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you should be proud of this one, it's great. You've got a super distinct writing style & this is my favorite thing you've done. Good shit

I think this was a cool idea, and some of the shorts worked really well. Main complaint is that the style made it somewhat confusing to get a sense of the space in some of the shots, like the bit where he's checking under the bed. But in some of the others, the style worked well to leave something to the imagination, which i think is an important part of what made the original stories as interesting as they were.

This would be a fantastic concept for a collab, by the way. If you got a few people on board for the second one, it could be really fun to see other people's styles mesh with the monochromatic/horror theme. Anyway, I like it. Good job.

LinkTCOne responds:

Thanks for the detailed review!

I normally don't like animations without much plot & are just action, but something about this was really fun, and I can't quite put my finger what it is. It might be that the action just flows really well, and there's a lot of variety in the shots. I think your style could use a bit of polishing up, but it already has a lot of charm. Good job man

scottwjsm responds:

Thanks this is the first time I ever attempted an action!! I focused a bit too much on the different variety of shots and should have put more into the character animation, glad you like it

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This is great! Playing with momentum like this is a load of fun. I'ts impressive seeing you complete all these tiny one-mechanic games in such a minimalist way that's still engaging & satisfying. Good job!

Could've used some more mechanics, I think. The design was kind of just to walk around in circles around the planets. It lost my intrest around the 3rd level. What's there is very polished though, and I liked the music.

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I don't normally like house music, but this has a cool sound.

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Looks like a lawnmower transformer. Not that it's a bad thing, I think a lawn-mowing transformer robot would make a fantastic animated short.

Cool Character, lots of personality <3 really like it.

Sirmi responds:

Haha yea like wheels where the main joints are, sweet. Yea it was fun trying out some of these poses because the robot doesn't have any facial expressions. Anyway, glad ya enjoy it!

I loved that game, and the comics are fantastic too. Keep messing around with different styles, shading takes a while to get the hang of but this is a great start.

urbfilms responds:

Hey thanks for your kind words, man! It means a lot! I think I'll keep drawing different illustrations with different styles, because shading has always been a problem for me.
So yeah, thanks!

Looks awesome! Love the colors, can't wait for your thing.

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